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5 Ways to Look Good When Meeting A Girl

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As a follow up to making a proper first impression, I’d like to highlight the importance of appearance. If you are looking for a cute girl, doesn’t it only make sense that she’s looking for a cute guy? You only get what you give, and chances are if you look bad, you’ll only be getting girls that look bad.

Therefore, in an effort to help you get a cute girl, I present 7 ways of looking good when meeting a girl.

1. Wear a decent cologne. This is a somewhat basic tip, but it can often be overlooked by guys. After the shower (mandatory), put cologne on your neck, and right below your palms. Also, make sure it is a good scent. Usually something is better than nothing, so make sure you put cologne on immediately after the shower.

2. Have a decent tan. Imagine a girl you think is cute. Now, compare her if she were white vs. if she were tan. She looks better tan, right? Acne (if applicable) is less visible, and anyone that has color in their skin looks more attractive. While I don’t recommend you go to the fake tanning booths, take advantage of the summer sun. If it is winter, consider getting something from your local drugstore like Jergen’s Natural Glow. However, do NOT let anyone know you are using tanning lotion. Start using it when you are on a break from school/work. Then, claim you took a vacation when people notice the tan. Works like a charm.

3. Avoid wearing a hat, get a haircut. Too often do we become too dependent on wearing a hat. She might be impressed at first, but eventually you’ll have to take that hat off, which turns the hat into a temporary solution. Instead, get a good haircut. What seems to work for most men is to have sideburns down to the ear, with a little spike to the front of the hair. Something like this. Avoid using too much gel, because once again it is a temporary fix. Your hair is just important to her as her hair is as important to you.

4. Like I said, take a shower.Wash your hair, wash your body, and do it well. This really shouldn’t have to even be discussed, but some guys do make the mistake of choosing to skip the shower. What if you actually get physical with a girl you just met, and she finds your body to be dirty? You can kiss her goodbye (actually she’d probably just run away). Remember men, you can never shower too much.

5. Stay as lean as possible. It might be hard to be 100% in shape, but try to avoid eating unhealthily all the time. You might love pizza, but you have to decide: is pizza better than girls? Try not to go for the immediate gratification, and stay as lean as possible. Just like how you care about the girl’s appearance, she will care about yours. Be conscious of your bad choices, because you’ll regret them if you get turned down. The more wise choices you make, the more girls you will end up getting. If you do notice that you’ve been getting a little on the large side, don’t hesitate to run, even if it is around your local park. 30 minutes of running every day can translate into 10 pounds after one month. You’ll be proud of yourself, more confident, and more successful.

Believe in yourself, and follow these 5 tips. Success is possible.

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8 Responses to “5 Ways to Look Good When Meeting A Girl”

  1. Steve on March 19th, 2008 1:07 am

    How about body spray vs. cologne? Also, for the tan, I think you can definitely have too much of a tan, and that as people are becoming more health-conscious there is a movement away from tans being as important as they used to be (though they are still at least somewhat important). I think as long as you’re not hiding from the sun like a vampire, you should have enough of a tan, and shouldn’t need to use anything artificial.

  2. GamerDarling on April 7th, 2008 10:24 am

    That hairstyle you linked is seriously one of my absolute favorites. A guy with his hair done that way gets instant bonus points, and really does stand out when I walk into a room.

    Cologne can be overpowering. It’s important to use it minimally, or use a shower gel and body spray instead. Axe brand actually really is very sexy. The smell of the one with the red icon on the bottle is such a turn on.

    The important thing is that she should only be smelling it when she leans into you. ie, during a hug, cuddling at the movie theater, when walking down the street side by side. She should not, however, be able to smell you from across the dinner table, or while sitting in the passenger seat.

    A biiig one that you’ve missed on this post is dental hygiene. Nothing is worse than eating dinner across the table from a guy and being able to smell his breath the whole time. A day or two before a date, whiten your teeth, then, when getting ready, brush teeth, floss, and use mouthwash. I can’t tell you the difference it makes for her.

    Also tan vs not tan…not really that big a deal.

  3. Anon on April 7th, 2008 2:25 pm

    I agree, never use those artificial tanning lotions. I’ve seen people with it and you can tell that there is something not quite right with there tan. Overdoing the tan can also be a lot worse than just having fair skin. Look at Naomi Watts, she’s got fair skin and shes still bangin

  4. Alex on April 7th, 2008 11:25 pm

    body spray is ok but it is over used. i mean lets just say there are about 20 different scents. and it seems every guy uses one. so your no longer original. spend the extra money and get something a little more “rare”. a cheep cologne would work and be a step ahead of the rest. the little things count.

  5. GamerDarling on April 8th, 2008 9:30 pm

    Alex- They really aren’t that much more expensive.

    Black Suede by Avon, for instance is less than twenty bucks a bottle, and they also make deodorant and body wash in the scent.

    Avon product page

    They’ve got a ton of different colognes…all pretty low cost. It really comes down to a matter of preference. Does the scent you’re wearing make you feel sexy? Can you apply an appropriate amount?

  6. Jen on May 13th, 2008 3:33 pm

    I’m going to have to disagree, that haircut on the link is over used, and can make you look like a so called “prettyboy”. Also, I don’t think the “rarity” of the cologne makes that big of a difference. Just smell good. Old Spice and Axe work wonders.

  7. john on May 13th, 2008 3:56 pm

    guys. really.
    i kinda found this site by accident…it was in my buddys facebook note. but come on

    axe is cheap, overused, and gross.
    get nice cologne. spend sixty bucks on something that will last you a year. its worth it.

    if someone has to tell you to shower and wear deodorant, you have a pretty big problem.

    don’t use freakin tanning lotions.
    play sports, go to the gym. take care of your body and your body will pay you back.

  8. katie on May 26th, 2008 9:43 am

    let’s see….
    i agree with the cologne thing. smelling bad is a HUGE turnoff. but even if you don’t have any, things like axe, tag and old spice smell AMAZING.
    just don’t overdo it, k?
    thats a big turnoff too… when a guy walks into a room and it suddely reeks of axe
    yeah, the whole tan thing? like nobody is gonna know that you DIDNT go on vacation
    lets be reasonable, who would go to a sunny place for two days? and if you wanna try to do that, you would have to give up being around everyone for the whole weekend
    the tan thing is bull.
    everyone is pale during the winter.

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