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5 Funny, But Commonly Made Mistakes


Want to know how to get a girl tonight? Some people think you can only do one or two things, but no! There are actually 5 different things
you could do to ensure your success in the bedroom tonight.

Gel Your Hair Back
Nothing seduces a lady more than the sweet, sweet sight of extra-greasy hair. In fact, if you make it so your hair is virtually unmovable, you will have a 100% chance of getting with a female tonight. You know what they say, the harder the better!

Call Her ‘Baby’
Especially if she doesn’t know you, calling her baby will not only assert your manhood, she’ll be all over you! Girls like being called sexist names like baby, foxy lady, hunny, and more! Just think of something along those lines and she won’t hesitate to go somewhere with you.

Wear A Tight Shirt
Especially if you have absolutely no muscle on your body, this one works really well. Ladies cannot resist the temptation of the tight shirt. It makes you look really hot too, so you will actually attract multiple ladies. You could be having a threesome before you know it!

Pop. That. Collar.
Aside from wearing a small when you clearly need an extra large, be sure to pop the collar. Not only does it let you stand out from the other guy, girls for some reason just find it attractive. That’s why all the guys are doing it these days! Honestly, if you employ one of these 5 tips, make sure its the collar pop.

Skip the Shower

Why take a shower when you’re just going to be putting on cologne anyway? I recommend you use at least 1-2 bottles of cologne in order to fully smell perfect. Actually, use 3 bottles if need be. The more cologne the better. There is no doubt in my mind that the cologned up man will be getting laid.

So remember, when you’re looking to score the hot one, put gobs of gel in your hair, wear shirts that are too small, call her sexist names, pop up that collar, and don’t waste your time with a shower. And no, you don’t have to thank me, I know you are already gracious!

(Please don’t do any of these things.)

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One Response to “5 Funny, But Commonly Made Mistakes”

  1. GamerDarling on April 7th, 2008 11:01 am

    Don’t forget to constantly make really cheesy innuendos. She may act like she doesn’t like it, but that’s just because she doesn’t want you to know how completely turned on she is.

    If you really want to impress, take it to the next level. Don’t just ogle other women…Hitting on the waitress, bar maid, girl at the next table, etc. will show her how manly and suave you are. She will be trying to jump your bones before you pick up the check.

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